Need Some Space

A Virtual Reality experience brining you into space where you’ll experience the earth from above, observing the sun, and getting an overview of out galaxy.

Project card

Year: 2020

Production duration: 5 days


Concept development, Editor, 3D artist, ambisonic sound mix

Production type:

360 VR Film Experience

Based on the assignment of creating a visual product based on a emerging storytelling technology, we chose to utilize the immersive experience in VR in order to bring the audience to place they’ve (probably) never been.

This was achieved by recreating the universe in 3D combined with a 360 recording from an observatory where our guide is presented.
To utilize the power and potential of Virtual Reality as a platform we wanted to create an experience and also enlighten the audience about the universe. This was done by combining the immersive qualities of VR film and ambisonic audio, with an educational voice over.

The models where created from scratch, partly based on available maps.

The environment was created using 360 images wrapped around the scene combined with elements inside the scene like stars and 2.5D image.